Business Investment Visa: The Baseline For Approval

Business investment visa was introduced by Hong Kong administration to leverage economic growth. Unlike other countries that have land for agriculture and minerals, Hong Kong is very small and can only generate revenue from businesses.

Therefore, Hong Kong administration had to get extra creative to sustain fast growth and stay ahead of others. To achieve this, it supports businesses that want to come and invest there. One of the ways of entering and doing business in Hong Kong is through a business investment visa. Here is the baseline for getting your business investment visa approved.

Ability of the company to create jobs for Hong Kong residents 

For an economy like Hong Kong that entirely relies on business to generate revenue, any effort to create employment is welcome. Therefore, if your business proves that it will create employment for the local people, the application of your entrepreneur visa in Hong-Kong will be passed very fast.

A good business structure 

The Hong Kong administration can only be sure that your business will have a positive contribution to the economy if it has a good structure. This means that the departments, positions, and entire operational structure are well defined. It is also important to point at areas the structure will be expanded to cater for the anticipated growth.

Appropriate operational framework detailing focus on compliance with local laws

Just like other companies operating in Hong Kong, the commitment to legal compliance can only be assumed to be true if there is a specific unit for it. For example, the company secretary can be given more authority to link with the top leadership and work with all departments. This means that every arm will contribute positively and legally while tax will be remitted on time.

Demonstrate capability to outsource the required funds 

A good company should be able to meet all its expenses and mobilize additional funds to spur rapid growth. When defining the business structure, make sure also to indicate the resources available at the beginning of operations.

More importantly, you need to point how you can mobilize additional resources for faster growth. For example, how can you raise additional cash when a new contract requiring a lot of cash comes your way?