June 10, 2023

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Breathtaking Experience of Space Tourism


Space tourism has evolved over the years and there are many ways of enjoying the breathtaking space experience. Far from the common picture of space vehicle launches at high speeds that comes to mind when one mentions space tourism, there are other ways of enjoying the thrill that space tourism offers. These space activities are great even for persons with poor health since everything is done within the earth’s stratosphere. 

Some of these space tourism activities that you should try include;



Stargazing is one of the fun activities that you can enjoy when you try space tourism. There are different amazing spots that you can visit and experience this breathtaking space fun activity.

The best areas for stargazing are the ones with minimal air pollution as they give the best and clear visibility.

Mountain regions and areas with fewer populations are the best spots for stargazing activities. For the best experience, always engage a professional guide and carry with you all the star gazing essentials.

Watch Rocket Launches

Rocket launching is also another thrilling space experience that you can enjoy doing. The good news is, you don’t need to be inside a rocket to experience it. The first option is that you can opt for a space vehicle launching area and experience the rocket launch in real-time.

The second option is to watch past rocket launches online or on TV. You will be thrilled by watching different episodes of rocket launches and the challenges that come with rocket launching.

Visit a space museum

A space museum is another great place that you can visit and learn more about the history of space exploration. There many equipment and materials preserved in different space museums around the globe containing rich history and education on space tourism.

Space museums are dedicated to anything relating to space exploration just the same way there are museums dedicated to the history of animals, birds, human history among other past phenomena.

A few top-class space museums that you can visit across the globe include; Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Le Bourget Air, and Space Museum in Paris, Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, and Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.

Try stimulated Buoyancy

One of the unique experiences that tourists enjoy during their space expeditions is experiencing zero-gravitational forces. Have you ever asked yourself what makes the crew and space vehicles float on air? It’s because of low gravity.

You can enjoy the same experience as space vehicles and crew since there are companies that offer affordable simulated experiences. With all these magnificent fun activities, you can never go wrong by choosing space tourism even if you are unable to fly.

If by any chance you will get an opportunity to travel to space, you will have an easier time familiarizing yourself with the new environment. All this will be attributed to the crucial space exploration facts that you have gathered thanks to a spectacular space tourism experience.