April 1, 2023

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Corporate Video Production: A Closer Look at Lighting

Take a closer look at your business, and ask this question; “Do you need to revamp its operations to enhance its brand?” This should be a priority, no matter the performance of the previous financial year. One of the best methods for building your brand is using corporate videos.

With more than 80% of marketers holding that video marketing is the best way to engage the targeted audience, you cannot be left being in using corporate videos.

To craft great videos, one of the most important aspects is the lighting. In this post, we will take a closer look at corporate video production lighting. The following are some of the common methods of corporate video production lighting that you should consider.

3-Point Lighting Model 

3-point lighting is considered the industry standard for corporate video production.

This type of lighting aims to provide even spread of light across a subject, while making it stand out from the background. The effect in corporate videos is achieved through three sets of lights:

  • Key light.
  • Fill light.
  • Back light.

When using the 3-point lighting model, the director has overall control overshadowing and shading that would, otherwise be generated by direct light.

Key Light 

In video production, this is the primary source of illumination. It is recommended that you set the light at about 45 degrees from the camera. If you are creating corporate interviews videos, consider using soft key light for extra flattering.

Note that the key light alone will create some shadows. But this shadow can be very useful, especially if you target adding some drama to the corporate videos.

Fill Light

Fill light, just like the key light, is placed about 45 degrees from the camera. But if you are using it together with the key light, it should be positioned on the opposite side.

The purpose of the fill light is not to simply remove the shadows. Rather, it helps to reduce them so that the object of interest gets a natural appearance.

NOTE: Because people’s faces are different, it is essential to carefully control the fill light to emphasize their key features. Take the case of people noses. Because noses, in most cases, bend a little, the fill light should be used to help offset the appearance as opposed to accentuating it.

Back Light 

During corporate video production, back light, like the name suggests, is positioned behind the subject. This means that it lights the target object from the rear.

The primary goal of using backlight is helping the subject to stand out from the background. It does this by creating a rim of light around the object.

For example, if you are creating an interview video, the back light will light the shoulders and the head so that it gets a sort of three-dimensional appearance.

How to get it Right on Lighting 

When creating corporate videos, you have to get it right on lighting to make them sparkle. While it is true that you can craft great videos, the infrastructure needed might increase the cost too much.

The simpler, yet highly effective method of getting it right on video production is working with top corporate video production Singapore. These are professionals with experience, the best equipment and commitment to hold your hands in making your video marketing journey successful.

With experts in video production on your side, your corporate videos can never go wrong!