April 1, 2023

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Dangers Facing Our Planet Today: Time to Adopt Sustainability Reporting 

A walk through the Asian jungles, African Savannah, or dive into the pacific will thrill you with the lovely animals thriving in the wild. However, that might be the last view! If the current threats to the environment continue, the chances are these awesome bio-species could be wiped out.

As a corporate entity, you cannot just sit back as social injustices, environmental degradation, and other threats to our planet continue.

To address them, you should adopt ESG sustainability reporting. Here is a closer look at the main threats to our planet in 2021 and how environmental sustainability can help. 

The Main Threats Facing the Planet In 2021

Global Warming

In his one of the latest addresses to the United Nations, Secretary General Antonio Guterres pointed out that 2021 would be a crucial year for tackling climate change. Particularly, he highlighted the threats from global warming and the need for everyone to join the race of addressing the challenge. 

Earlier on in 2015, the Paris Accord had called for cutting the global temperature increase to below two degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial levels. However, the globe is still way off the target as more countries continue with their efforts to become industrialized or grow their industrial capacities. 

Unless we can manage to address global warming, additional problems, such as rising sea levels, severe weather conditions, and dirtier air, are expected to become the norm. To address the problem, you should adopt strategies such as a shift to renewable energy and using energy-efficient production. 

Air Pollution 

According to the 2019 World Health Organization (WHO) report, nine out of ten people on the globe breathe unclean/ polluted air. The report also indicates that about 4.2-million die every year because of outdoor air pollution. These numbers remain high despite previous global efforts through different methods, including Kyoto Protocol and individual government policies. 

The main reason why the pollution numbers keep rising is the lack of transparency. Even as some companies make an effort to cut pollution, others do not.

This is why ESG sustainability reporting is crucial in ensuring every corporate enterprise commits to eco-friendly operations. Note that sustainability reporting goes way beyond creating a report. It involves redefining connection to the environment and appreciating why resources need to be used sustainably. 

Bio-Diversity Loss

Up to one million plants and animal species are faced with the danger of extinction, and we cannot close our eyes to the problem. Humanity could be headed to a “ghastly future” if we do not act now, and you have the opportunity through sustainability reporting.

To help conserve biodiversity, you might want to consider directing corporate efforts into initiatives that help conserve them. For example, you can partner with local communities involved in wildlife conservation, programs for saving endangered species, and eco-habitat restoration. 

The threats facing the globe are very severe, and your company should not be left behind in slowing the fast rate of “self-destruction.” Through ESG sustainability reporting, you will be able to rethink, connect with the planet and influence its restoration by reducing carbon footprint, cutting down pollution, and adopting energy-efficient supplies.

Make sure to pick a sustainability reporting software that makes your objectives easy to achieve.