June 10, 2023

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How to Achieve Situational Awareness When Traveling In Africa and Middle East ?

When you decide to travel in a hostile environment, the immediate situation can easily unfold and become a death trap.

In Africa and the Middle East, this is not uncommon. In other cases, reports of diseases outbreaks and natural disasters are also common especially in east and southern parts of Africa.

A closer look at situational awareness 

The term situational awareness refers to a progressive update on the security status to help travelers take the right measures. Your duty of care obligation cannot bear results if it is impossible to communicate and update the officers in the field, making a presentation, or traveling in Africa.

As you go about the business of representing the company, the contracted travel risk management organization will progressively monitor the situation to identify any risk and keep you updated.

It is advisable to work with a professional firm that has many tentacles to identify risks and update all stakeholders in real-time.

Achieving situational awareness 

To achieve situational awareness, companies prefer to use security training and latest technologies. In many instances, the updates are relayed through smartphones and smart watches.

The smart gadgets are preferred because they can carry specific messages, give warning sounds, and even decode encrypted details meant for specific people. It is important to pretest all the gadgets before deploying them into the field.

Picking the best firm with articulate situational awareness 

The success of situational awareness will largely depend on the company you pick to help with data gathering and prompt updates.

The target should be identifying a firm with deep roots in the Middle East and Africa to ensure that every threat can be identified in a timely way.

Expert firms should also have the latest technologies to make communication easy and highly effective. Besides, they should have a centralized monitoring, tracking, and reporting model that has been tested and proven to work and deliver results.

The system should also come with the following

  • Capability for mass notifications
  • Wide area mobile network duress 
  • Desktop alerting systems with color-coded texts and audio alerts
  • Video paging 
  • Self-service through kiosk and mobile phones
  • Point-of-care assignments