June 28, 2022

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The Danger of Using the Wrong Electrical Cables

When you decide to start a manufacturing unit, the main goal is to optimize productivity and returns on investment (ROI). But these aspirations can easily fade off if you use the wrong electrical cables.

Wrong or poor cables have in many cases been associated with fires that happen in factories. But this is just one of the issues. This post takes a closer look at other problems that can arise from using the wrong cables.

Poor Electrical Performance

Electrical performance is a very important parameter of electronic cables. Two areas that are especially critical include impedance and capacitance.

  • Capacitance: If your electric cables have too high or low capacitance, the signals will not be relayed properly. The ultimate impact is poor performance of the equipment connected using such cables.
  • Impedance: In the electrical cables niche, engineers insist that every cable should have the right impedance for optimal performance. If your system or facility is using wires of low impedance, the signals being transmitted will be corrupted or weakened.

In this industry, experts in electrical transmission caution that selecting the wrong cables can be expensive. The signals being relayed could be inadequate or even fail to be relayed. Think of a situation where a chemical process has to close at a specific time so that a particular batch is sealed correctly. Poor electric cables could result in incorrect signals, damage to the machine, and operational shutdown. You cannot just use any cables: they must be the right ones!

Cables with Poor Physical Toughness cannot Withstand StressĀ 

For optimal systems’ productivity and safety, the performance of cable only is not enough. The cables also need to be physically tough. In many cases, the cables operate under tough conditions that require optimal strength.

If your industry is in the beverage niche, the electric cables could easily get oil and greases. If the cables will be used in hot or cold units, lack of toughness could impact their capability to transmit signals. When the cables cannot hold up the physical stress that is common in many manufacturing facilities, you are likely to incur hours of downtime trying to diagnose the causes of problems. This could result in huge losses.

For assurance of high productivity of your facility, it is prudent to only source the cables from top brands in the market.

Electrical cables from experts such as UMMC are used by most industries and even homes because they are professionally designed and amply tested to deliver good results.

When it comes to electrical cables, the option is only one: getting the best cables.