June 10, 2023

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The Simplest and Cheapest Way Register Company Hongkong

Buildings in business district in Hong Kong

“What is the next thing that you want with your business?” Throw this question to an entrepreneur, and the answer will be definite: “growing my enterprise to the best multinational.”

Such growth means extended reach, a stronger brand, and a lot of profit. Well, you can only achieve this goal by incorporating your company offshore in a potential jurisdiction such as Hong Kong. So, why Hong Kong?

  • An administration willing to do anything to make businesses succeed
  • Hong Kong has a very straight forward tax regime
  • Setting up your company in Hong Kong gives you easy access to the huge Chinese market
  • There are no limitations on capital flow
  • Hong Kong gives your company the perfect gateway to the larger Far East market
  • Hong Kong is one of the freest economies in the globe

Now that you know the monumental benefits associated with incorporating your business in Hong Kong, the next thing is how to register it fast and correctly. Well, although the administration has simplified so much the process of company incorporation in Hong-Kong, the documents required are still too many.

Besides, getting some of the items for registration, such as the company address and company secretary can be an uphill task. But you do not have to worry about these logistics because there is a simpler method of getting the company registered fast.

Register Your Company without Travelling to Hong Kong 

To make company incorporation in Hong Kong simple and easy, the Companies Ordinance allows you to select and use an agency. Here are the main ways that an agency can help to simplify setting up a company in Hong Kong.

  • The agency prepares the company on your behalf. When you decide to open an offshore company in Hong Kong, there is no denying that some capital will be required. Therefore, getting an agency to incorporate the company for you will allow you to focus on getting more capital for the new enterprise.
  • You do not have to worry about looking for an address downtown Hong Kong. One of the main requirements for opening a business in Hong Kong is that you must have a physical address. If you are abroad, getting a good address can be a nightmare. Where do you even start? But when you have a good agency on your side, you no longer have to worry about the business address. The agency’s address can be your business address.
  • It acts as your company secretary. Further, the agency can act as your company secretary, so you do not need to run multiple ads on the dailies. This will help you to cut associated costs and get experts to help you in the early stages of company expansion into Hong Kong.
  • The agency comes in handy when opening a bank account. One fact that you need to appreciate when it comes to company incorporation in Hong Kong is that operations can only begin after opening a bank account. With more banks increasingly declining to open accounts for companies, an agency will help you to get the account in the first attempt.

If you want to register a company in Hong Kong, the simplest and fastest way to do it is by using agencies. They are run by experts who understand the Hong Kong market and will walk with your business to success.