June 10, 2023

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Three Special Tips to Boost Your Online Reputation by Romain Chiaramonte

In this day and age, most of the things about businesses are public and visible. A lot of information floats around the internet and trying to control who posts content about your brand is like moving a mountain.

But it can get worse because building reputation requires a lot of effort and time, but only takes one bad moment to tarnish it. However, this is not the time to give up!

If you want to maintain a positive online reputation, it is important to proactively manage and improve every feedback from the internet. This post will outline the best three tips that can help you to boost your online reputation.

Progressively Monitor Your Online Reputation 

Before setting off to improve your brand’s online reputation, the first point is to understand the current situation. Here, you should find out what people think about the brand.

Therefore, ensure to identify where people are talking about your brand and establish if the perception is positive or negative. Are people talking about the business on social media, blogs, or review sites?

Then, track the conversations to grasp your brand’s online reputation. Whether the reputation is positive or negative, you have to embark on a journey to improve it.

Clear the Obstacles that Confuse Reviews 

One fact about online reviews is that more than 90% of consumers read them. However, only about 6% write reviews. 

Just like Romain Chiaramonte said, “happy customers rarely write reviews.

They indicate they were too busy, forgot to do so, or it was difficult.

This means that even if only a few clients were dissatisfied with your brand, their negative feedback can cause a lot of damage.

To get your happy clients to write reviews, it is crucial to simplify the process. Consider using a proactive, automated process with advanced tools for reputation management. The automation tools make writing reviews easy, fast, and fun.

Respond to Reviews Honestly and With Enthusiasm 

When you get positive reviews, it is prudent to acknowledge. Respond to reviews with a sincere note of thanks. If you know the details of the transaction that made a client write a positive review, mention the details in the reply.

This will make the customer feel appreciated and develop a special connection with your enterprise.

If the visitor wrote negative feedback, do not be reactionary. Indeed, take some moment to think about the reply. Then, respond with an honest and conciliatory tone.

Humble yourself by appreciating the problem, and commit to addressing it. This is what you need to change the negative feedback to positive.

For your online branding efforts to bear results, it is prudent to progressively improve online reputation. The above three special tips have are highly effective and, you should also use them to improve your brand’s reputation.

Building Positive Brand Reputation? Here are the Mistakes to Avoid

Your brand’s online reputation is one of the critical assets. Indeed, brand reputation differentiates your venture from others in the niche and sets the tone of what you do online. Despite this crucial role, many people often find it difficult to build a positive online reputation. 

Here are the common mistakes that can easily hurt your brand’s authority and likeability. Make sure to avoid them at all cost.

Following the Industry Leaders 

While following competitors is a good thing, having own stand is more important. Even if other brands are successful, imitating them is likely to make your reputation building efforts to fail. Such enterprises established themselves by aligning their operations with the targeted audience.

To build your brand reputation, you need to be unique. The competing businesses should only act as case studies and the lessons used to strengthen your reputation building efforts. Therefore, do not simply be a clone; work your way up the reputation ladder.

Ignoring Negative Reviews 

Failing to pay attention to negative reviews is a major mistake. Ignoring negative feedback is like pretending that the problem does not exist. This implies that the feedback will keep damaging your brand reputation no matter the efforts used to build it. But how do you deal with negative reviews?

Romain Chiaramonte was correct when he said, “responding to negative feedback should be part of a brand’s reputation management.”

The response provides you with the opportunity to achieve three things:

  • It offers genuine insights into the issues about your brand.
  • You get the perfect chance to change the negative into positive.
  • A great opportunity to showcase how your brand addresses issues to become better in the market.

Failing to Monitor Online Reputation 

Failing to monitor online reputation is another common mistake by most entrepreneurs. Any form of content, whether positive or negative, about your brand, can run viral within minutes.

This is why you should stay updated about your brand mention on review platforms, blogs, online forums, and social media. In the case of a crisis that builds up and hauls your way, being up-to-date can help to prevent damage to your reputation.

Every day, make sure to search your venture’s name to see its ranking and what people are saying about it. You can even set alerts to get notifications when your brand is mentioned. If the mention is negative, make an effort to address it immediately.