Why Now is the Best Time to Grow Your Business in APAC

In the past, investors and entrepreneurs dreamt of opening or expanding businesses in the West, but this trend is changing. Now, Asia-Pacific (APAC) is the ultimate region for businesses that target faster growth and success. It not only has a business-friendly environment for investors but also boasts of world-class infrastructure.

As the Asia-Pacific region continues to gain momentum, you should not be left behind the growing list of businesses joining the region. Keep reading to learn more about this high-potential region to grow your company fast.

Important Facts about APAC Region

Emerging research shows that the Asia-Pacific region has 4.6 billion people, about 60% of the global population. This brings us to the big question, “can you imagine taking advantage of this huge market?” Indeed, this might be all that you need to take your enterprise, be it an art business or real estate, to the next level. Did you consider an AI automation agency?

Other facts about APAC include:

  • Boasts a GDP of USD41.78 trillion.
  • The majority of the wealth of APAC is concentrated in East Asia and Southeast Asia.
  • China and India are the two fastest-growing economies in Asia.
  • Although most countries in Asia-Pacific rely on trade and manufacturing, technology and finance industries are also pretty fast.

According to Adrian Cheng, the CEO of New World Development and founder of K11, every investor needs to identify the right niche, strengthen the company’s brand, and employ the best strategies to get more from ASIA-Pacific. This strategy has helped his Word Development Centre company and K11 brand to blossom in Hong Kong and China.

Why Now is the Best Time to Expand to APAC Region 

In addition to the above numbers and facts, here are other reasons why you should consider taking your business to APAC.

  • APAC Boasts Numerous Business Opportunities 

As the population of the APAC region keeps growing, opportunities for business are also increasing. This gives your enterprise the perfect opportunity to rapidly grow leads, increase sales, and reach revered global status. So, if your company is in the commercial real estate industry, exploring the Hong Kong market might be only the starting point. You might also want to explore the residential properties market in China and India.

  • APAC is a Respected Financial Hub 

As a business, one of the crucial pillars for success is having ample capital. With enough money, you can fund marketing campaigns, hire the best talents, and support research & development. APAC’s top markets, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and China, are some of the leading financial hubs that you can rely on for all the funds you need.

Remember to check the best financial institution that is ready to work with your organisation and offer support during times of financial shortfall.

  • A Large Pool of Qualified and Talented Workforce 

Apart from finances, every company requires the right talents to grow, and APAC has a large pool. China alone is releasing hundreds of thousands of experts every year that you can employ for your company. Other countries, from Japan to Australia, also have some of the best talents that you can count on for technology-related work, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, and other areas.

Another notable thing about the talent pools in APAC is that most of the workers are young and will stop at nothing to help your company achieve its mandate.

Indeed, it is this focus that has helped countries like Singapore, China, and Malaysia to emerge as some of the best investment markets in Asia.

The reasons we have highlighted in this post only capture a small portion of the benefits that you should anticipate for operating in APAC. The region has a lot more to offer.